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About Us

Meet the Owner Clare Svec. He established Blue Star Landscape Supply after spending 16 years in the construction and excavating business. He contributes the success of his business to being able to serve customers in an exceptional manner.

“In turn, those happy customers not only return again and again but also provide word-of-mouth advertising, which is invaluable in today’s economy,” Clare said.

His inventory includes stone from all over the United States and Canada as well as topsoil, compost and six varieties of mulch. If someone requests a material he does not stock, Clare makes every effort to locate it for the customer. He looks forward to continuing to grow his business and offer new products while still providing the “small business” atmosphere his clientele appreciates.

Blue Star Landscape Supply is located at 700 Blue Star Court in Traverse City, Michigan. By calling (231) 943-3990 their helpful staff will be able to confidently answer your questions regarding hard surface landscaping needs.

Frogs are lucky

Click the Frog for some clean gardening tips to help frogs and toads live happy and stay healthy in your environment.

About the Frog!  Frogs and landscaping go together like Pea’s and Carrots.  Our mascot frog, Fred, has brought us good luck through out the years.  Is it good luck to see a frog? According to many cultures and throughout history, the frog is a good luck sign. We hope our frog Fred brings you good luck. And if you find a frog while doing your Landscaping, Gardening, or while enjoying your Outdoor Space it likely means you are doing something right!  Keep up the good work!

We carry a wide variety of supplies such as:

Pre-Cut Steps
Decorative Stone
Oversized Stone
Sand & Gravel
Landscape Bark, Fabric, Pins
Lawn, Brick, Aluminum Edging
Drain Materials
pavers for sale TC
landscape walls
Tools / Misc,
Delivery Truck Summer
Delivery Available
Self-Serve Area